Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gary and Monty, civilians

The first two residents of River City are two figures from a blister pack called "the Gamers" or something like that.  I can not recall the manufacturer.  I'm calling them Gary and Monty, two guys who love to spend hours arguing something called "Edition Wars."  Monty on the right clearly needs to remember Rule #1: Cardio.

Hello world (about to be invaded by zombies)!

Does the world need another blog?  Probably not.  But I wanted to keep a place where I could document my All Things Zombie campaign.  On the blog I'll showcase miniatures I've painted for the campaign plus "After Action Reports" that will make up the story of its main characters as they attempt to survive a world afflicted by a plague of the living dead.

The campaign will revolve around River City, a mythical place where the Star will be based.  What will happen to this Midwestern city once zombies take over?  Stay tuned...