Monday, May 16, 2011

TV Repair Shop

This is the second in the three free cardstock buildings available from Microtactix at the Wargames Vault and elsewhere.

The building has a recessed doorway and roof, the latter of which gives a "lip" to provide cover should one need it.  Like the other Microtactix buildings, the signs are separate so that you could build duplicate buildings to flesh out your scenery.  I have considered the possibility of reinforcing walls with foamcore to make the buildings more durable and to prevent warping.

What's nice about cardstock buildings is that their construction is not time-consuming.  This small building was built within an hour, probably more like thirty minutes.  With all cardstock construction you really need four tools: an X-acto knife for cutting and scoring, a metal ruler (don't use a wooden or plastic one--I had to have a chunk of a finger stitched back on because of that mistake), a self-healing cutting board, and a glue pen like scrap-bookers use.  The glue pen is useful because the glue shows up blue but dries clear, is easily controlled,  and has little water so that it prevent warping.


  1. Nicely done again, really good work.

  2. I need to look into the world of card buildings. This looks promising indeed mate

  3. This is great - well done. I reinforced mine by making a base of foam-core and 'skinning' it with the sheets printed on plain paper - hard work but worth it.

  4. Wow that's amazing work you've put up there - it reminds me of my little shop that says on its front, tv repair chicago. How do you do that? I really like your work - may be you can start modelling some established brands in your work and start selling them as souvenirs