Wednesday, July 25, 2012

THW Games

Two Hour Wargames, which made All Things Zombie: Better Dead than Zed (the game the story of Robb and Irene use) has announced that they are coming out with a new version of the game called All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out.  Over at TMP, Ed from THW said the following:
ATZ-FFO will be compatible with all ATZ supplements. It will be compatible with After the Horsemen, New Beginnings and heck, even Long Rifle.

ATZ-FFO is not being updated to be like CR 3.0 as CR 3.0 is a bare bones game. The melee, shooting, In Sight and Reaction Tests will be upgraded to those in New Beginnings and After the Horsemen which are a bit more advanced than CR 3.0.

Then there's the add ons in those rules not found in CR 3.0 such as Skills and Attributes to personalize your Stars.

Plus there's the zombie rules, very different than ATZ-BDTZ plus campaign info upgraded and more.

ATZ is one of the last old school sets that doesn't have any of the newer stuff found in current rule sets (Muskets and Mohawks, Long Rifle, ATH, Star Army, New Beginnings, etc.)

BTW – Final Fade Out refers to the last edition of ATZ and not the end of the world..
 I'm glad he addressed my primary issue--namely whether the new rules would work with the additional supplements for ATZ.  Vampifan had said in his review of After the Horsemen that the In Sight and Reaction tests were more complicated, which sounds like ATZ is moving up to that level.  I am curious about how zombies are going to operate differently, however.  I guess time will tell.

Naturally, I could just stick with the old rules.  There's little wrong with them, and I abandoned the "newer is always better" mantra back when I turned 40 or so.

In other news, I built a second shell building; I didn't bother with pics this time since it looks so much like the old one, just shorter.  I'm also working on making a Mayhem Armory building, but with foamcore walls.  We'll see how that works out.

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