Monday, November 12, 2012

Vincent and Jules

I finished up these two figs, both from Copplestone's "Bad Guys in Suits" range.  These two definitely look like "Vincent and Jules," Marsellus Wallace's two goons from Pulp Fiction.  I can't figure out if I want to use them as Survivors for Robb and Irene to run into, or as Gangers representing some organized crime group.

In any case, they were a joy to paint like everything Copplestone does.  One note: my blister only held four figures, while the one on their website shows five.  That stinks.


  1. They look great I love this pack.

    Aww man that sucks all the figs in this set are great. Have you contacted the supplier?

    1. I bought the blister at a store ages ago. I'm pretty sure the store isn't bothering evening stocking the line anymore.

  2. Great looking and you're right, they do look like Vincent and Jules too, thoughI wouldn't have noticed it had you not pointed it out.
    Bummer about the missing figures

  3. I realy like Copplestone's range, i take a look at this set every time i go in my local store. I'll have to buy them now! I love Pulp Fiction!

  4. they look great, i have to get a set

  5. Contact Mark... he will send you a replacement figure for the one missing, of that I am sure! Nice painting on these two!

  6. Hi! Just thought you might like to know I've nominated you for a Leibster award! :)