Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zombie Survivor Peter

Has it really been since March since I updated this blog?  Well, if you have been following my other blog, you'll know I'm laid up with an ankle injury.  That means more painting time.  In addition, I'm planning on running an ATZ display game at a local gaming convention, so I need to get my roster built up!

This is "Zombie Hunter Kev" from Hasslefree, but I'm naming him "Peter" after a friend who wanted be in my ATZ campaign.  Of course, that means I need to start up my ATZ campaign again...


  1. Looking forward to hearing about "Peter's" exploits in ATZ :-) .

  2. Nice. Having run a demo game at a con, it's a great way to inspire you to get tons of work done in ahsort space of time and most importantly share it with other gamers, good luck!

  3. Here's hoping the "pressure" of putting on a demo game gives a spur to mass production that we can look forward to seeing.