Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Corvus Urban Two Floor House

So in addition to starting over with new survivors and zombies, I'm also starting over with buildings as well.  The last time I mostly used cardstock buildings, a lot of which were reinforced with foamcore.  This time around, I'm 3D printing most of them.
This is the Urban Two Floor House from Corvus Games Terrain.  It's less than four dollars for the file, and comes with a removable roof and two floors.  There are not, however, actually floors to the building.  You would need to make those out of something, say the aforementioned foamcore.
First building done!  Thanks for reading.  Comments welcome.


  1. The print does look the biz, but the time taking to print and the cost of the materials does eem a little prohibitive from what little I know of 3D printing.

    1. It's really the printer. You can get a great starter printer (the Ender 3 Pro) for $250 on Amazon. The material itself is about $20/kg, so that house probably costs maybe a dollar in plastic.