Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zombiesmith Zombies 2

Click for a larger pic

I'm continuing to paint up all my zombies from Zombiesmith.  The next batch of five are "Boney, Yield, Pop, Zombie Homemaker, and Chubs."  Boney is interesting because, although you can't see it in the photo, the top of his skull is missing and you can see his brain within.  Yield is actually not wielding a "yield" sign because those are inverted with the point downward.  Triangles with the points upward are actually things like radioactive or high voltage signs.  Pop is clearly Michael Jackson from "Thriller," although oddly he is barefoot.  The homemaker is wielding a skillet, which if you've seen the movie "Tangled" can be a devasting weapon.  The last guy is only wearing a pair of shorts, but he's so swollen that his gut is literally splitting open.

Anyways, five more done on the basecoat-and-dip method.  I'm cruising along on these, but it is time to change gears and work on something different.