Monday, January 2, 2012

Zombiesmith zombies 1

Last November I took advantage of Zombiesmith's Black Friday sale and purchased his entire line of zombies at a really great price.  This is the first batch of zombies I have painted up.  I will admit that these guys are base coated and stained with wood stain.  I have mixed feelings about staining (I think it is a little lazy sometimes on my part) but zombies are tailor-made for dipping: they tend towards earth tones, they are grungy in appearance, and you need a lot of them.


  1. ANd it seems you have gotten away with it mate. Looking good

  2. Some lovely work here man, don't know how I've missed you for so long. Another follower on your list. Happy New Year.

  3. They look great and a superb way to get a epic horde on the table quickly!