Friday, December 16, 2011

Cops with Shotguns (Future Wars)

There are several kinds of people in an ATZ game: zombies, civilians, survivors, gangers, and military.  You need all of those to play a game, just because any could show up at any time.  Under "military" are the police, and so in order to fill out that requirement I picked up a blister pack of "Cops with Shotguns" by Future Wars (which is under the Copplestone Casting label).  In theory they are supposed to be futuristic (naturally), but I wanted to paint them up a little retro for my ATZ campaign.  These guys are armed with shotguns, pistols, and truncheons, and are led by a trenchcoat-wearing officer.

Once I get all of my categories filled out to a reasonable and workable extent, I'll be ready to start my ATZ campaign.  My goal is the beginning of 2012, and I seem to be on track for that goal.


  1. These are a very nice set of cops. You wouldnt want to mess with them!

  2. And it's nice to see them lined up outside the Plasticville Police Station. Good work!

  3. great stuff, im hopeing to start ATZ some time next year, im working on cops at the moment,Dics in body armour, i need to get this set as none of my cops have shotguns