Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skateboarding punks

I'm not entirely sure what the name of the blister pack is for these guys from the Future Wars line, but I think it was something like "skateboarders with guns".

In any case, I needed game members for my ATZ campaign, and thought these looked interesting.  I did, however, totally lose my mind when it came to prepping them for painting.  Here's a catalog of my mistakes:
  1. Glueing the figures to bases first, so that painting the underside of the skateboards would be nigh impossible.
  2. Basing the figures like they were on dirt, which would be impossible to skate on.
  3. Priming them white, so that I really did have to try to paint the undersides of the skateboards, which is about as easy as doing your own dentistry.
But, they are done now, thank God.  Four more towards the painting goal, and I at least have some guys to break out should I roll for them.


  1. Oh you did it all with these guys! The curse of punk kids!!

    They ended up looking pretty good though.

  2. I've done exactly the same on plenty of mini's, the important thing is they look great in the end.
    Where did you get the figures from?

  3. I screwed up the name when I first wrote the post and have now corrected it. They are from Copplestone Castings' "Future Wars" line:

    1. Ah cool thanks for letting me know, I thought I'd seen them before, That's one more thing to add to my want list :(

  4. Nice paint jobs and a cool set of minis.

  5. You would have got away with all those mistakes, but for those "pesky kids"

    Despite everything great paintjob.

  6. Those came out very nice. Great poses and great paintjobs.

  7. Nicely done. I do these same mistakes myself every so often!