Monday, April 30, 2012

Things I've learned from my (alter-ego's) untimely death

Well, that was a pretty quick run for my first ATZ solo campaign.  Let's see what I learned.

  1. Rep 3 unarmed civilians are sheep, not sheepdogs.  When you roll 3d6 vs. 2d6 in melee enough times, you're eventually going to lose.  Against panicked mobs you will just lose the location, but against zombies you're done.  I had four combats against multiple opponents on the first day.
  2. Game the terrain.  I had a great suggestion that I should have scavenged the police vehicle for weapons. Not strictly part of the scenario, but I need to give myself the options to take advantage of what's on the table.
  3. Day One is hard--run.  With doubles meaning you face an angry mob and seven's meaning zombies, you have a one-in-three chance every activation turn of getting into trouble.  If you run, you'll be spending half as much time going from place to place.
  4. Sometimes the dice just aren't your friend.  'Nuff said.


  1. Good points. Those doubles on activation...Damn!!!

    I have been lucky so far, but had several close calls!

  2. Good points. Point 2 i really need to pay attention to more in the recent PBB game Shelldrake did we all missed a lot of obvious search locations.

  3. As long as you learn from your mistakes it's all good experience, even though you probably don't think so at the time. Posts like this, analysing what went wrong are useful. Learn and come back stronger.

  4. Yes, I thought you were pretty brave to go with a Rep 3. Being a chicken I used a Rep 5.

  5. Your short campaign made for some good reading, aside from that its probably one of the most realistic campaigns i've read thus far.

    I look forward to another campaign :)

  6. Nice analysis, but why wasn't your hero a star character with the "cheat death" abilty ?

    Still one of the most interesting bat-reps to date; looking forward to the next.