Monday, April 23, 2012

Zombiesmith Zombies 3

King, Zombie Preacher, Cheerleader, Zombie girl, and Headless
How long has it been since I posted here?  Well, after a bit of a break I'm back to painting zombies for two good reasons.  One, I'm getting back into my ATZ campaign notion.  Two, Mrs. Q said, "hey, whatever happened to that game that you bought all those zombies for?" which pretty much is why there's a "one."

In all seriousness, I'm starting this frugal thing where I'm only spending so much on gaming each month, so why not go with a game for which I already own a ton of miniatures, and a small skirmish game that doesn't require too many more?

Anyways, these are five more from Zombiesmith.


  1. they look great. i have to start painting again, i havent touched a brush in 3 months

  2. They look pretty good! Now go for some games!!!

  3. Nice job on those. ATZ is a fun game and really doesn't require much spending to play it.