Friday, April 27, 2012

ATZ Campaign, Day 1: Outbreak

Well, I'm finally launching my ATZ campaign.  My alter-ego is Robb, a Rep 3 Civilian.  I have semi-sedentary employment, passing familiarity with firearms (gone to the range a few times with friends), and exercise a couple of times a week.  So for Attributes I picked "Born Leader," since a lot of my job involves supervising employees and providing guidance to people.  For the "Getting There" I passed 2d6, meaning things are normal.

Here's the table setup, complete with a combination of O-Scale railroad, scratchbuilt, and some commercially made wargaming terrain.  There's also a pop-culture icon making a cameo appearance.

For Day One, I figured I would first hit an ATM, head home and hook up with Irene, my significant other, and then head for the big box store to buy things.  I've got a few assets at home, including weapons, but I won't get those until I get there (assuming I get there).

According to the Day One rules there are no zombies on the board to begin; they appear when I roll a 7 on an activation roll.  I scattered a few civilians around just to make things interesting.

Turn One: Robb 5, Zombies 4
Turn Two: Robb 1, Zombies 2

"Robb, there's some weird news coming in over the radio, and people have been calling with all sorts of strange stories," said Marilyn, Robb's secretary.  After a quick glance at some confusing news reports, Robb decided that there must be some sort of weird natural disaster developing (not an odd thing in this part of the country) and figured that he better hit the bank before the power goes out and then head home to see if Irene had made it back too.  Then it was definitely a trip to the store to stock up for the duration of the storm.  Since he had walked to work that day, a decision he now regretted, he struck out for the bank.

Robb makes a normal move towards the center of the board, where the first objective, a bank, is placed.

Turn 3: Robb 3, Zombies 6

Robb made it to the bank and quickly withdrew as much as cash as possible.  Now to leg it to the house and see if Irene has driven back from practice, Robb thought.

Robb makes a normal move, getting to the initial objective.  At this point, I'm not sure how you're supposed to do the later objectives while still on the same table, so I basically scooted everything until the bank was at one table edge and the house was at the center.

Turn 4: Robb 6, Zombies 3
Turn 5: Robb 6, Zombies 3
Turn 6: Robb 4, Zombies 5
Turn 7: Robb 1, Zombies 1

As Robb passed by the River City Police Station he thought this might be a good place to get back to if things get really bad.  The doors of the police station suddenly burst open and four people ran out, screaming incoherently and with panic in their eyes.  Robb realized that they were barreling down on him almost a second too late.  With a swing he slugged one man across the jaw and the fellow fell limply to the ground, unconscious.  The second person, a young Latina, came flailing at him.  Robb ducked and gave her a left to the side.  She grunted and stumbled away from him.  

Robb was regretting hitting the woman when suddenly he felt a hard blow upside the head as an old man in a tie-dyed shirt hit him.  Robb took a few ineffectual swipes at the guy before a second blow to the head knocked him to the ground.  As the world span dizzily, Robb thought to himself, this just isn't going to be my day...

Doubles on Day One means panicked civilians, and I rolled four, which was good because I don't own that many (note to self: buy more civilians).  I have to fight each of them one at the time.  The first civilian passed 0d6 to my 3d6(!) and was Obviously Dead, which in this case because a Out of the Fight.  The second civilian passed 0d6 to my 1d6, and was OOF.

The third civilian and I both passed 1d6, meaning the fight went on.  The next round had both at 0d6, but the third round had him passing 2d6 to my 1d6.  Robb was OOF.

This isn't good, since the home location was where I was supposed to meet my team member and get weapons.  I think I'll go the big box store next and then try for home a second time.  Getting knocked on my butt by the old guy is a little humbling though.

To Be Continued....


  1. Nice report. It's funny how things work out in this game, getting knocked out by the old guy. :) Not too long ago there was a news story where some young punk tried to rob an old guy and the old guy beat him like a drum. Turns out the old guy had been a Golden Gloves boxer in the Marines and was still tough as nails. Maybe you ran into that guy. :) I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Nice report. Great pics and your table looks awesome. Damn hippy mob violence. Look forward to the next chapter

  3. Hahaha good read, too bad about the ass whooping, I look forward to seeing how you get out of this one.

  4. Not the best of starts but on the plus side your alter-ego is still alive. I'm looking forward to part two.

  5. Not an auspicious start, but at least you've started your campaign and survived the first scenario(kind-of).
    Looking forward to more instalments.