Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Back from the dead

It's been over four years.
Really, almost six since I ran a battle report.
To be fair, I've been posting somewhat regularly on my other blogs, regularly gaming.  I've been painting a few miniatures and making a ton of terrain using a 3D printer I got about a year back.
But several years ago, I lost interest in this blog.  Mostly for a lot of personal reasons having to do with the real life Irene.  It just seemed cruel to create a fiction where the relationship between Robb and Irene was a thing.  I was depressed and have my avatar wandering a post-apocalyptic world just didn't seem worthwhile.

Flash forward four or five years.  Things are better, a lot better.  Furthermore, I need a good solo wargaming project that can really engage me creatively.  So, I'm back.   But here's the thing--I got rid of all the terrain and a bunch of other stuff that I need to replace.  So I'm basically starting from scratch.
So new survivors, new zombies, new terrain, and a whole new layout.  With the change I'm going to reset the whole story, the whole zombie timeline.  There will likely even be a new figure representing Robb.
Along those lines, I will not be having other characters be stand-ins for real life people I know, but just fictional characters. 
My plan is to start with the basic box set from The Walking Dead: All Out War, which has a nice selection of figures that can be survivors, gangers, and of course zombies.  I'm also starting to print out some buildings from Corvus Games.  Hopefully I'll have enough stuff together to be able to start batreps by the new year.

So welcome back, thanks for reading, and comments welcome.


  1. Good to see you're back WQRobb, and naturally considering your interest in zed, you've decided to come back during "Zomtober". Looking forward to seeing your project take shape and your BatReps in the new year :-)

  2. It's always good to see the reutrn of a much loved blog and it's also good that you haven't been totallyidle in these last four years.
    Many of the zombie bloggers (myself included) have largely moved on to other things, so it will be refreshing to see a 'Zombie blog' with posts about zombies !

    1. Thank you! I will admit to feeling kind of retro at this point.