Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Second Ranch House

Today I finished up my second Raised Ranch House from the Stoelzel's Structures line.  It is essentially identical to my earlier one, just a different color.  The pdf for the house, which is printed out on cardstock and then mounted on foamcore (I like to use black because it covers more sins), features several different wall colors so you can build an entire neighborhood.  I didn't include pictures of the interior because it looks identical to the interior of the previous house.

Hopefully I'm going to be getting at least more new building this week, and then try again for another session on the weekend.


  1. Nice ranch.i must get this set, im close to finishing the fire station

  2. Looks Brilliant! great work buddy!!

  3. Stoelzel's are now my favourite card modelling company. That's a very nice build, WQ.

    1. While I think WorldWorksGames' models are more detailed, the fact that Stoelzel's are designed to have the foamcore walls really is a bonus in my mind. Right now I'm working on the Food Market.