Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick, go to the grocery store!

I was shopping at Kroger's (a midwest grocery chain) when I noticed in their two bin that they were selling the same brand of model vehicles I have purchased in the past at CVS for 50% off.  That means that a $6.00 car was being sold for only $3.00.  While many of them are not appropriate for my zombie game, or were ones that I already owned, I did see one that I thought would be a good addition to my collection.

Get me to the nearest gun store, and step on it!

As you can see, the scale isn't a bad match at all.  Right now I'm painting up the new version of Irene (Irene 2.0?) in hopes of being able to use her in the RL Irene's team color's for the next batrep.  I'm also getting some additional survivor-types painted up in hopes getting Team Robb beefed up a little.

Speaking of the RL Irene, the early reports on her injury are good, and hopefully she'll be able to play most if not all of the season.  If you're interested in following Irene's team, head over to the KC Roller Warriors website and check them out!


  1. That taxi is brilliant lovely car!!!!!!!

    Glad to hear Irene is on the mend buddy.

  2. Greatvehicle, I'm continuing to look for US taxis and Police cars.