Saturday, January 19, 2013

Louise and Francis

These were a little bit of a quick and rough paint job, because when I rolled two civilians on the Day 28 encounter I didn't actually have anyone painted up for the job!  These two were only partially done, but I stopped mid-game, painted them up, and then put them into the game (clever viewers may notice that the two teens were flocked in the episode like they are now).

The two miniatures are from Reaper, "Denver" and "Joplin," whose names clearly come from the movie Zombieland.  Ironically enough, I was just in Joplin (the city) right before Christmas.  It's an interesting little town, and you can see still where the tornado hit.

I was really bummed out that Louise beat Robb in the "Meet and Greet" and went on their way, but I'll be keeping them around for a return appearance.


  1. One of the beauties of this game is your in control. So there is nothing to stop you having yhem come bsck again and adjust the 'meet and greet' 'cause thry'd met before.

  2. PS they're too nice to abandon them!

  3. Indeed very nicely done dude. Both these miniatures are on my to get list.

  4. They loog good as-is.
    They're too good for the storyline not to return.